Scabblers in Floor Surface Preparation

Concrete is a dependable material for flooring. It can last for generations as long as the foundations are solid and the surface preparation was carefully performed. A number of tools may be used to ensure that the surface will be ready for any treatment the owner might have in mind. These are highly specialized machines that smaller contractors typically get from rental companies due to the high cost. Only the big contractors purchase their own set since they complete enough projects to justify the expense. These include things like scabblers, scalers, grinders, and scarifiers.

Extra information about scabblers


This can come in handy when trying to resurface floors. The old one may be difficult to remove with manual tools. Scabblers are able to accelerate the process using pneumatic pressure to drive piston-mounted accessories into the floor. They are excellent for roughening, reducing, and leveling the concrete. Some of these are small enough to be considered as handheld machines. Others are designed with wheels and call for the user to stand behind while pushing the handles. There are optional dust shrouds that can be installed to collect dust and debris as it moves along the surface.


These tools can be used for both concrete and metal. Some have needle heads while others have chisels. These tend to be much smaller than scabblers and are meant for handheld operation with a look that resembles electric drills. Fatigue can be an issue because of weight and vibration. Buyers can delay the onset of fatigue by opting for lighter models that produce less vibration than the average.


Grinders are called in to remove the paint, glue, epoxy, and similarly hardened materials on the surface. These can efficiently do the job in just a few minutes whereas a worker might take hours to do the job by hand. Rough surfaces can be made smoother with a few passes. This is an essential tool if you would like to clean up the concrete prior to the application of a fresh coat of paint for a beautiful finish. This will produce a lot of dust so many of them are equipped with a built-in dust extraction vacuum.


These can also be used to remove adhesives, paint, rust, and other unwanted objects from concrete surfaces. They come in gas, air, and electric models. Inside of the machines are rotating drums that have cutting accessories that are interchangeable.